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  • Eye Lash Tinting
  • Permanent Makeup
  • Ear Piercing
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AG Enhancive’s main goal is to provide you with exceptional service & value, while maintaining high standards in hygiene and sanitation. Each client receives treatments under strictly sterile conditions which are medically supervised. Clients receive personalized expert advice about the condition of their skin, and the best skin care products and treatments available to them.


EMS (electric muscle stimulation) is leading the way in the advancement and evolution of fitness in the 21st century. Using state of the art technology, XBody has perfected the art of muscle stimulation that simulates the way in which muscles function during a muscle conditioning workout. With the help of EMS, a larger number of muscle fibres can be contracted when compared with conventional training methods.


A 20 minute XBody workout is equivalent to a 90 minute gym workout. It is safe and with only two-20 minute sessions per week, it is efficient and effective. Building muscle, burning calories and decreasing body fat, are just some of the many ways XBody EMS training will help you to achieve your fitness and wellness goals.


Suzanne Carpenter

EMS Personal Trainer

Suzanne is a certified XBody EMS Trainer. She is also a Canfitpro certified
Personal Training Specialist and nutrition coach dedicated to physical
conditioning and wellness. Suzanne has years of experience training clients
in the gym. She also has first-hand knowledge of the disciplines required to
body build when she competed in an IDFA Figure competition at the age of
55. As a former business executive, Suzanne combines her business acumen
with her passion for fitness, customizing programs for each of her clients in
order to achieve their fitness and wellness goals. Suzanne’s personal mission
is based upon the belief that age and aging should not stand in the way of
achieving a strong, healthy body.