Pro-Derm – Mineral Loose Powder SPF 50 Dark


100% loose mineral powder with UVA, UVB and UVC broad spectrum protection for all skin types. Pro-Derm Mineral Loose Powder SPF 50 provides convenient ongoing protection from the harmful rays of the sun. It is easy to apply, even over makeup and it does not whiten the skin, it leaves a beautiful finish that looks natural. Available in two shades.

Pro-Derm Mineral Loose Powder SPF 50 is formulated with two physical sunscreens and a biovegetal photo-protecting antioxidant complex. Unlike traditional sunscreens that are not always easy to reapply throughout the day, such as over makeup or when it is not possible to wash our hands, this handy dust on formula can be applied anywhere and on the go!

Active Ingredients:

  • Micronized Titanium Dioxide-is a natural sunblock of mineral origin. Organic and Ecocert approved
  • Zinc Oxide-is a natural sunblock of mineral origin. The high quality used does not absorb moisture to prevent the powder from caking in the brush and to ensure its proper distribution. Protecting and soothing effects on irritated skin.
  • Jasmine Flower Antioxidant Extract-is an ornamental plant that grows in warm and very sunny climates, namely in North Africa. Flavonols derived from  Jasmin flowers, which help protect and preserve the two main endogenous defense mechanisms in the flower which can be diminished under the influence of sun radiation. Thanks to this highly potent vegetal extract, the skin’s natural defense mechanisms to fight against free radicals maintain their optimal effect at all times.             

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