RejudiCare Synergy 2CRM+


2CRM+ is a Skin Balancing Anti-Wrinkle Serum with Vitamin C, E, and Peptides.The appearance of the aging skin results from Intrinsic Factors (natural aging due to cell senscence) and Extrinsic Factors (UV exposure, lifestyle, smoking). Protection against Extrinsic Factors as well as slowing Intrinsic Factors are both needed to effectively help slow and reverse the appearance of aging.  Vitamin C is not just an antioxidant, it is the antioxidant that the skin already recognizes and uses. It has gentle brightening qualities and is necessary for proper collagen deposition. It is also highly effective in sweeping up free radicals from everyday ultra violet exposure. Skin can look healthier, brighter and with fewer fine lines and wrinkles.

  • Lightweight, fast-absorbing and cosmetically elegant
  • Custom, hypoallergenic fragrance
  • Compliments any anti-aging system


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